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Tom Bender ~ Songwriter

Quotes: "The songs I write are inspired by years of mentoring, counseling, general story telling and poetic writings". "No song is ever just a song, there is so much more behind the meaning of a song".

Tom ~ is a ISSA & Josie Music Awards nominated songwriter and a member of the Country Music Association. Tom can also be found in Billboard's  2023 Grammy Preview magazine for consideration of a Grammy nomination on the #1 Charting and Josie Music Awards winning Blues Album "Girl Singing the Blues" by Justine Blazer, which featured his first song released by an artist "Bad Love" co-written with Justine Blazer. He has also been featured in numerous on-line magazines and write-ups. As a musician, Tom plays Acoustic/Electric Guitars, Keyboards, and Bass Guitar.

You can connect with Tom on Facebook and Youtube. 

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